Haven’t posted in a bit, been crazy busy with life.  Life is good!  It is almost spring, which means, birds chirping, flowers adaisies-smallernd trees blooming, and of course baseball!  How fun is that baseball season.

I am working diligently with my first 2 courses, and actually finished all assignments and tests 3 weeks early.  The courses were hard, but not extremely.  I was more worried about managing life around school once again.  I am still not completely convinced that I want to continue or finish an NP degree.  My current position would benefit greatly from it, however the clinicals that start in June terrify me.  I just am not ready to work 16 hours more a week, even if it is for a short time.

I am working for a startup company and that is extremely time consuming.  Not to mention we are adding other service models to the company that will require even more of my time and oversight.  I dearly love my job, more than any job I’ve held to date.  I actually work very long hours and most of the time do not even realize it, as it doesn’t feel much like ‘work’.  That is an amazing feeling.  I feel like I’ve found my place, career speaking.  However, nothing is forever, and time changes all things, so I will always continue to reach for more and look ahead to the years to come.

We have booked our Florida vacation trip for spring break.  My oldest son will be 18 and a senior this year, so it may in fact be our last family trip.  Getting everyone together proves to be increasingly difficult.  Life changes, always.  We must be accepting of the changes whether or not we agree with them or even care for them.  I am still coming to terms with having three teenagers, and one that will be going off to college very soon.  It almost does not seem real or even possible, but that is life.

I am coming to terms with my mothers death.  It has been the hardest for me to adjust to.  This time last year I was spending every free moment I had with her before she left this world.  I would paint her nails (that was her favorite thing to do).  We would just sit and talk for hours, about nothing and everything, and try to regain some lost time.  Over the years she’d been in and out of my life due to her addiction and manipulative behaviors.  It is much easier to get over a death that brings no leftover baggage.  The very last time I saw her, I hugged her, told her I loved her, and she just sat and cried.  It was such a tragic day, but that is all I have now.  Most people hang on every word of a dying loved ones, to know what as the very last.  I can remember typing short quotes into my phone while sitting by my father-in-laws bed as he was passing, trying to cherish and remember every moment.  My grandmother on her death bed made sure to tell me how special my husband is and to always treat him well.  My mother left me with guilt, hurt, and no closure at all.  It is better each passing month, but just very difficult.  I hope to use what I’ve went through to help others.  I want only good to come of something so bad.

Stay tuned for the Florida pics and posts, as I’m sure we will have a blast, and I’ll want to share it with the world.  I also plan to just relax and have that time to blog.  Happy almost spring and stay healthy!

I’m Ready

It has taken many months to forgive my mother.  There were years of negative events to pour over through the hurt and loss.  Nonetheless, she is still my mother and had so many good qualities as well.  As I laid down to rest last night, I had the overwhelming feeling of yearning to call her and just talk.  Then a sharp pain enters in when the realization of extreme loss takes over.  There will be no more opportunities to ‘chat’ or to seek approval, feel her pride, or simply hear an ‘I love you’.  The way our brains process loss remains a mystery to me, one in which I hope to never understand fully, as I feel it would take so much loss to encounter a full understanding.

As I prepared to start some spring cleaning on my home today, I was remembering my mother.  She would clean houses for a living when I was young.  She would take my sister and I with her and when we were old enough to help, we would.  We were paid in McDonald’s treats of course, which was golden back then!  She taught me everything I know about cleaning a house.  The woman never owned a mop, nor did she use one even if the homeowner insisted.  She mopped every floor on her hands and knees.  She paid for this with her arthritic knees later in life, however.  She taught me so much more than just cleaning, when we’d work together.

She taught me that I needed to go college, so that, in her words, “you don’t end up like me”.  She taught me to never depend on anyone, only myself.  She taught me to drive, not only in an automatic, but in a manual transmission…a ‘stick shift’.  She was there when I bought my first car, when I changed my first tire, with all of my firsts as a little one that only she could remember.

I’m not sure why she chose a life of men and drug abuse and worse, but she did.  I cannot continue to have anger in my heart for her.  She had so many good qualities that sometimes were covered up in the darker times.  She would talk to me for hours when I’d have a long drive for work.  She’d listen as I longed for my family and became homesick when I’d travel overnights or to far away places.  She’d tell me stories of when I was younger.  She always knew how to make me feel better.  She always knew what to say.

She could give the best ‘mom hug’ ever.  I can remember about a year ago last December when we got the news that she had less than six months to live…that hug.  I can remember the way she held me when I cried and told her I didn’t want her to die.  She simply said, “I don’t want to die either kid, but it’s not up to me”.

She loved to paint her nails.  She loved to have her nails painted.  She was an artist when it came to nails.  She’d have each of them a different color, a different design.  And she go around showing them off to everyone.  Oh, boy and was she a tease.  No filter, all her, and such a tease.  She would have you smiling and giggling on even the worst day.  She always made me blush from the pride she’d show for me no matter who was around.  She always said to others, “Isn’t she beautiful? She looks just like her mom huh?”  She tell them of my many college degrees, and that one day I’d be a nurse practitioner.  I always blushed and looked down at my feet of course, not wanting to be the center of attention.  She always cried when she told me how proud of me she was.  She’d cry with her arms wide open for a hug after it had been awhile since we’d seen each other last.  She had her faults of course, but who doesn’t.  I’m far from perfect or any resemblance of the word actually.  She was my mom and I miss her.  Today has been a hard day.  I miss her.  Some days are harder than others when you are dealing with grief.  When we suffered three big losses last year back to back, I’m not sure I ever got to fully grieve any one of them as my heart needed to.  I just keep plugging along, staying busy, and working out.

I know from experience that time heals and the wounds hurt less although the scar remains.  I don’t think you ever lose the strong ‘need’ for your mother.  For she is the one that has given you life.  She is the one that can love you for all of your faults and shortcomings and over look them to the point of nonexistence.  She is your mom.  She is in you.  Hugs to all those out there today that are missing someone they love, and peace be with you as you continue to move through to the other side of the storm, I know there is sunshine ahead.  Keep on moving, you get there in time.

Leadership:  The ‘Hard’ Days

Leadership is not for Everyone…

There are some really, really, hard days that one must go through in any leadership position.  According to Chris Myers, leadership doesn’t come from a title, cap table, or expectation; it comes from within.  I would even stretch that to state not even a degree of the highest power can ‘make’ you a leader.  Anyone can ‘boss’, and there are plenty of those to go around.  Everyone wants to be in charge, everyone wants to have input, everyone wants to feel that his or her opinions matter.

Leadership is about doing what it takes to drive a team towards a greater goal, to maximize the return for the company and complete the mission while doing it.  If your mission and vision is to provide the best care possible to your patients, you do this while exceeding all standards and best practices.  You take your time and do it right.  Mistakes will be made, but how you handle them and learn to grow from them is what is a sign of a true leader.

Real leaders put these goals above all else and are the first to sacrifice when times get tough. Of course, this is often easier said than done.  Just like when you have to discipline your children to protect them, or to help them understand and grow…it is harder on the leader than the one being led.  Allowing others to grow through some hard talks and helping them along the way will always be a standard when it comes to leading others.  Some people are just not cut out to have those hard talks, some people cannot do confrontation at all.  That’s ok, not everyone is the same, and that’s what makes a team so great!

I have learned throughout the years how to better serve others through the current skills and experience I can bring to the relationship.  In the service of others, it means setting your own personal feelings aside and only doing what is right for the better of the patient, caregiver, family, staff, or anyone else that becomes a stakeholder in the experience.  The logic behind this is simple: leaders eat last.

The best leaders learn to bring the emotion they want to see.  Leaders will also spread the attitude that they bring to the workplace.  When one wishes to see happiness and positivity that is guanine among staff, it must start with the leader and grow from there.

Just know that your easier and fun days certainly outweigh the ‘hard’ days as a leader.  The harder days will get a bit easier as well.  But, as humans, we all have a heart and sometimes growing others hurts us too, but stick with it and you will have amazing results.  Keep growing, even though the harder days are hard.





Myers, C. (2017). The hard truth about good leadership. Forbes. Retrieved from:

New Year’s Resolutions

new years

So each year we set a list of goals, tasks, wishes, movements, you know those things we follow for a bit after the fresh new year begins and then we totally forget what they even were about a fourth of the way into the year.  When I used to travel for work, this time of year was rough for the treadmill situation in the hotel gyms.  I’d have to wait in line or pick a different machine as it seemed everyone wanted to workout.  Not that I wasn’t at all happy that others were trying to become healthier, no, I just simply wanted a turn on the machine.  Well, I try to set personal and professional goals each year and see how long I can stick to them.  Can I see them through to the turning of another midnight at another year’s end?  Or will it become too difficult midway through the year and I find every reason why it would have been impossible for me to accomplish anyhow?

I certainly hope I am able to reach through to the end of this coming year.

The personal goals are once again travel.  This year to Florida.  A big trip.  I’d like to take the kids, all of them.  My oldest son will be a senior in August of 2018.  He will soon begin his journey of his own path, in his own way.  I want to make precious memories these next few years, with my family as it is now, before the mighty changes as we transition from teens to just us again.  I’d also like to pay off all of our credit cards.  Sure it is fun to have all of the coolest gadgets and new things, but at what price?  Debt is no fun, and the interest is even less fun.  And did I also mention that I want to play more disc golf tournaments and actually be able to throw a disc 350 feet routinely and accurately?  Well, yes, yes, I want that too.

Professionally, where do I begin.  I’m currently with a startup adult day care company in a VP role, and loving it.  I do however feel that one day I want to be the CEO of my own company.  What that will be I am still running the brain damage on.  I’m not sure of home health, or possibly a holistic medical practice.  I have once again applied for my NP degree through South University and Kaplan.  South offers a 9 month program, and Kaplan 13.  If I do it now, 9 months is better so I’m fully present for my oldest son’s senior year.  Still not sure if I’m fully willing to give the time required or not.  The clinical requirements are about 18 hours a week, along with a full time job, and a family of 5.  We will see if this one sticks.

What are some of your goals, resolutions, habit changes, that you have promised yourself or others.  What will you do to ensure that you can at least give it a valiant effort to meet the required tasks to attempt achievement of your goals?  I certainly wish you much luck in all you do in the coming months and beyond!



Missing the Spirit This Year

Christmas what a wonderful time!  However, with the loss that our family has suffered this year, my Christmas spirit has been lacking.  It was only a week ago that I forced myself to decorate the trees.  Yes, trees, I normally have 3 to 4, but this year only 2, and only because my daughter put them up.  I might not have noticed at all had she not helped.  I am the one that when I get an MRI and the examiner asks what music I would like to listen to in the hearing protection headphones, I say “Christmas of course”, even in July.  I put up many trees and am chomping at the bit to do so right after Halloween.  I watch many Christmas movies ranging from the classics to newer silly Hallmark shows starting November 1st, and then put them on repeat waiting for the groans of the family as I watch something, “just one more time”, knowing it will be many more times.  However, this year, I’ve lost that childlike Christmas spirit.

Not sure if it is the loss of many loved ones, a father figure whom shared our home, and made it a home.  A mother, whom was not a mother for many years, but left a hole in my heart with many unsaid things and unfinished business.  My grandmother, who was my mother figure for many years and lived to be 91 years young, a role model for how I live my life, an angel that now watches over me.

Maybe it is the life changing role now being a parent of 3 teenagers.  I love it dearly, and yes we all know it has it’s days, but at Christmas it is much different for sure.  They want money or gift cards, or to simply pick out their own gifts.  There is no Santa magic, there is no anticipation and surprises.  Everyone knows everything, and the magic is lost.

Or maybe it is that life is going faster than ever.  I am currently working for a startup, living the dream, creating a template of care for guests of an Adult Day center.  Taking a vision and making it real.  Looking at the current statistics and planning research of our own to show we are the best of the best, and the outcomes for our guests are exceeding industry standards.  My husband is about 1 year into his startup as well.  He is doing amazing things, and loving every minute of it.  He says he hasn’t worked a day of it, because he enjoys it so much, although I can see he is working harder than he has ever worked in his life, baring the raising of our 3 amazing children.

Don’t get me wrong I am certainly thankful beyond words for what we have.  We want for nothing, we have 3 pantries full of food, and we share what we can when we can.  We grew up missing many meals, living on government assistance from time to time, and not knowing where we would be living from week to week.  Being thankful and helping others is natural to me.

Just missing the spirit of the season, hoping to gain momentum as this sad year comes to a close and a new one begins.  Looking on into the spring and taking the warmer winter days in stride.  Hugs to all of you out there who are feeling a bit down, rushed, or worse this season, and everyone who is smiling from ear to ear with magic in their hearts as well.  Have a Very Merry Christmas and an Amazing New Year!

The Dream

I finally had it! The dream I’ve been waiting for. Now I know most of you will call it hocus pocus and it is that time of year however that’s not what this was.

I was sitting with my mothers childhood best friend. They were like sisters growing up. I had to tell her recently of my mom’s death and hear her sobs. It was heart wrenching. She wanted to know everything and as I discussed who my mother was with her and why we weren’t there and there was no funeral, she thought I was explaining a different person’s life than the Diana she knew. Most people do.  

Anyhow, back to the dream…

Aunt Ruthy and I were going through old pictures she had of my mother. One in particular pulled at my heart strings and I started to cry. I can remember hurting so badly even in this dream. I can remember my body writhing as I sobbed.  I couldn’t speak and Aunt Ruth’s mother was there. (She’s passed away now.)  Ruth had asked her why I was so sad, did I miss my mother? No she went on to explain, I was mourning the loss of the mother I wanted, the mother I should of and could of had. Wow that helped the pain, someone understood. I gathered myself only to then see my mother sitting on the couch across the room. She seemed happy and was laughing. I felt almost resentful of that fact. I started to cry once more and walked over to where she was sitting and said, “Mom, wait wait wait! Before I wake up we have to talk.” She immediately said, “I know” in a lower, more serious tone.  So I asked her, “why” through my sobs. She knew what the why meant. There were so many why’s, I couldn’t have chosen just one.  

She went on to explain that she didn’t know. She thought about it for a long time. She said that she wasn’t sure when her life went off track or the cause. She said it just continued and that time just got away. 

That’s what I can remember at this early hour. I’m on of those people that does not remember her dreams most of the time. I know I have rem sleep, my fitbit says so. I just do not remember dreaming.

The only thing that could have topped this conversation would be getting a ‘mom hug’. You know, that hug that only your mom can give. I do however, cherish the mom hug I got when I saw her in the hospital last December. It was when we found out she had only 6 months to live, but heck we’d heard that before and she was with us 3 years later. So she didn’t put any mind to that. This was before all the drug stuff had returned, at least what I knew about this time. It was a soft, kind, breathe it in and let out the problem of the world, hug. 

Time Off

The much needed 13 days off have been a blast.  Only a few short days left, however I plan to make the most of squeezing every ounce of fun out of each hour that I can.  We are putting out home on the market shortly and have a few remodeling projects to accomplish.  The realtor was encouraging, however while walking through your home picking each piece apart.  There was one instance where he even said, “oh, there’s three dogs.”  Yep, 3 dogs, a cat, bird, fish, and 3 kids.  Fun times.  So stay tuned to feel my pain with this project for sure.  How on earth do you keep your home ‘show’ ready at all times with all that.  He actually suggested we move out and rent until we sell…are you kidding me?!  It cannot be this hard can it?  Well, laying the new wood/laminate Pergo floor in the kid’s bath was!  Oh, my…never. again.  Wow!  Ok, so I. Hate. Doorways, now.  And I hurt on all parts of my body.  I’m sore, bruised, and sore and bruised.  Here are some before pics, I’ll post the after later, as I’m not quite finished.  Did I mention that I even cut out sub-floor and reinstalled new?  Pretty proud of that one.  Oh, and I also had the bestest helper in the world, my kiddo Sam Sam.

I am reviewing a text book on Quality Measures.  That is extremely fun, seriously.  I know I’ve already bored the snot out of some of you just by saying that line.  However, it is fun.  I enjoy being able to be the first to read and edit someone’s work.  I can now be an editor and be published.  Until I write my own work, this will teach me a great deal for now.

I have interviewed with Indiana Wesleyan University and have almost completed the process to becoming an adjunct part time professor.  It will be teaching in the liberal arts division for the health and wellness courses.  Now, that couldn’t be better for me, am I right?!  This will only lead to teaching maybe three classes total a year, but hey, it’s extra income and I’ll be able to teach.  And, it’s one of my favorite subjects.  I also love the Christian world view that the University has to offer the students.

Met with my new boss on Tuesday for breakfast and he actually asked me to write the first blog for the startup company’s website!  Seriously?!  I was honored, and cannot wait to start!  It is amazing the difference when you work for someone whom realizes your potential, sees your experience as expertise, and your knowledge as word.  This has been something that has been lacking in my professional life for quite some time and is such a breath of fresh air.  Being told how unimportant my job was daily was something that I’d gotten used to.  At one point I was even told that no one in my position should even get a master’s degree because reimbursement nursing is a dead end career choice.  Wow!  And yes folks that was my leader.  So very glad to have learned how I will never lead my folks, ever.  There are always take-aways from every situation, and that was mine.  I start this new adventure officially on Tuesday, the day after the love of my life’s birthday.

My parents came to visit today, and we drank coffee, ate an amazing meal of pulled pork that my hubby had smoked all day long, and played games.  I love laughing, talking, and just plain being with them.  It is wonderful how your parents become your friends when you grow up.  Even when I was a bit younger it was much different, the relationship we shared, now it’d just plain great!  They are retiring in the next few weeks, they’ve sold the home the raised their children in, and will be moving into their cabin in the Smoky Mountains.  They are even going on a cruise in January to celebrate, and for anyone that knows my parents, this is BIG!  I’m so happy for them.

Tomorrow we are playing disc golf at one of our favorite courses, Honey Bear.  We hope to one day replicate this course’s idea on our own land.  We are looking right now, and hence the reason for selling the current homestead.  Any ideas, recommendations, etc. for selling a home are welcomed.  Please comment below.  Thanks for the views, and stay tuned for more fun reads of this ordinary girl’s extraordinary life.



Change is good.  Change is necessary for growth.  Change comes when we least expect it and when we plan it ourselves.  I personally like to be led.  I believe we all posses gifts and/or talents, that are naturally derived or God-given if you will.  When it comes to these gifts we must be sure that we are using them to the best of our abilities and for the good of others.

While searching aimlessly for a new position as I was quite unhappy in the previous one, I got a call out of the blue.  I had applied to several positions, most of which were out of the long-term care industry altogether.  Nothing seemed to be a good fit.  During my 5th interview of a particular position I was asked, “what would be the best position for Lisa if you had to pick one?”  This got me thinking…I really wasn’t sure.  What was I searching for?  I was plotting my next degree, with acceptance and now a schedule to start in 6 days.  I was eagerly applying to positions in which I had no idea what they were…in acute care.  Was I seeking an opportunity to fulfill my leadership ability?  Was I just wanting out of the long-term care industry?  Did I want to just work a position until my next degree finalized in 14 months and then start over as a nurse practitioner?  Do I really want to do hands on clinical again, with my bad back?!  Who knew?  Not me…

Then the linked in email came followed by a call.  Now in my house when we feel that something is too good to be true we have come to call this ‘magic worms’.  Why you ask?  Well, that’s a funny story, and I turn our pretty blonde in the whole thing.  I’m sure my husband would love to tell you, however.  And that reminds me, a blog for all the blonde moments would gain some much-needed chuckles.  Oh, boy…and there have been many.  Ok, on to the real point of the story, the email, the call.  It was surreal.  I was being asked by an entrepreneur if I would like to interview for a start-up health care company.  Very innovative, dreamy position, in which I would have a white canvas to make the owner’s vision of the clinical department come to life.  What?!  Why…I certainly would!  Seriously, I rushed home to have my husband research all he could about the company so that I didn’t get my hopes up, as it truly seemed like my dream job, well, and ‘magic worms’.

Everything checked out!  It is totally legitimate.  After interviewing multiple times, meeting with the start-up team, I am coming on board.  I will be the Vice President of Medical Services for a start-up.  We will open our first 3 adult day centers with an innovative clinical twist, build into home health, and then onto a national brand!  I could not be more excited, more eager to start with this new opportunity.  I’ve worked as a Director of Nursing in a start-up before, but this is whole new beast.  I feel like I’ve leaped off of a cliff and now I’m waiting for the wings I was promised.  I’m certain they will be there.  Aren’t they always there when one needs them?  If we have faith anything is possible, we must just believe.

My Nursing Philosophy

I have known from the time when I was about 12 years old that I was called to be a nurse.  I would go to the hospital with my aunt and work as a candy striper.  I volunteered on the labor/delivery and mother/baby units, as well as the newborn nursery.  I learned so much and my love for the nursing profession grew and grew.

When I graduated from high school I immediately went on to college to further my education with a nursing degree.  I attended Ivy Tech Community College in Terre Haute, Indiana.  I graduated with a Technical Certificate as a Licensed Practical Nurse 18 months later.  After which, I began my nursing career in the acute care industry.  I started working for the local hospitals as a float nurse on the medical surgical units.  I worked on several units gaining all of the hands on experience I could obtain and then started working with a nursing staffing agency.  With the nursing staffing agency, I went to various types of facilities which included acute, long-term, and long-term acute care to provide staffing in crisis situations.  I have worked on a variety of units in the acute care setting, cardiac and telemetry being a specialty of mine.

nursing 2

I knew I needed to grow more to be able to make a bigger difference in the lives of my patients, so I decided to go back to school.  I have a Master’s in nursing degree through Capella University with a specialty in nursing leadership/administration.  I do plan to return to school to continue to further my education as time permits.

The bulk of my career is in the long term care setting.  I had worked as an MDS coordinator for about five years completing nursing assessments and case management activities for reimbursement and care planning purposes, all while working as a part of an interdisciplinary team.  After obtaining my RN I decided I would like to try out nursing management and became an assistant director of nursing.  I loved this position more than I had even imagined.  The fact that I could not only make a difference in the lives of my patients, but that I could make a difference for my staff as well.  This led me to become a director of nursing to be able to lead my own team, just a short time later.  I loved that with my leadership I could touch the lives of my patients personally and now through my staff.  I could change the direction of the facility just by communicating a vision and leading the team to greatness.  This was an extraordinary part of my career, leading my facility from start up to a five-star rating within only 2 short years.  I knew leadership was where I was supposed to be.

I am currently working in a corporate nursing position.  In this position I get to do the management and leadership that I dearly love as well as develop and provide education.  I write policies, stay up to date on the current nursing regulatory changes as well as design and teach the educational components for the company.  I am able to lead change through a transformational leadership style.  When change is needed, the vision of direction must be communicated to all levels continuously, and then change occurs.  Quality outcomes have been improved, reimbursement has risen.  I have several certifications in the area of assessment, reimbursement, care planning, and wound care.

I feel that making a difference on any level, would mean more than anything to me and to each patient’s life that I am able to touch through my clinical leadership.  The more knowledge and experience that I am able to obtain, the more I can make a difference in the lives of the patients and staff that I serve.












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Leading With Love

Theodore Roosevelt stated, “Nobody cares what you know, until they know that you care.”  This is never truer than in leadership.  When a leader uses the power of the position or title to lead, it will only lead to disaster.

According to John Hope Bryant, “How you treat your employees is an important sign of how you treat everyone else in your business and in your life. If you can get it right here, you can get it right with your customers, your clients, your stakeholders.”  When employees are treated just and fairly you can be assured that this will trickle down to your customers.  Aren’t your employees a customer or a stakeholder anyhow?  Why wouldn’t you want to treat them with the utmost respect.

Creating a culture of loving leadership does not mean that when rules are broken the rule breaker gets off scot-free.  This simply means that employees are shown care, love, and active listening.  According to John Hall, “Employees who feel valued and appreciated by their leaders are infinitely more likely to go above and beyond for the company and hold themselves accountable for their part of a project.”

When an employee tells you something as a leader, you must listen.  If what the employee has to say is important enough for them to share it with you, then it must be important to you as well.  What are the goals of your employees?  Do you know what they are working on in their personal lives?  What is important to them in their career outlook?  What are they currently working towards?  Are they having any family issues that as a leader you can help them with?  All of these things can be sought out and the employees goals can be aligned with that of the leader’s and ultimately the organization’s.


According to John Hall one of the ways to show an employee you care about them is to be real with them, to be transparent.  Being transparent with an employee can be hard at times and lead to difficult conversations.  When you are truthful with employees your trust grows as well as garner better results.  John Hall also recognizes that making time for employees is essential.  When a leader appears to be too busy for his or her staff, they can tend to feel unappreciated.

A true leader will take the time to understand and truly know his or her staff.  What motivates them, what makes each of them tick, what lies in their most important spaces of life.  Why not build up the customer that waits on and cares for your customers?  Why not make use of your ability to transform your staff through leadership and not because ‘you said so’.